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Our History

On January 3, 1949 an exploratory meeting was called to study the forming of a Community Chest for Streator.

Representatives from the local organizations who would be supported by the Community Chest and representatives of groups who support it were present.

The organization meeting was held May 19, 1949 with a committee appointed to nominate an organizational board of directors and to draft a proposed Constitution and By-Laws.  The committee included: T.E. McNamara, Chairman; L.E. Bundy, Fred Salvati, Walter Immel and Frank Scharfenberg.

The first Board of Directors was made up of the following: Mrs. Noble Arnold, Lincoln Bundy, J.J. Carey, Tony Collner, Rev. W.W. Cutlip, Judge Walter Dixon, Z. Harold Dorland, Louis Elias, John H. Fornof, Ralph E. Haldeman, Dr. D.R. Hanley, Dick Hendrickson, Walter Kerr, Harold Maranda, T.E. McNamara, Dr. W. G. Metcalf, Saidie Murray, Mrs. E.F. Plumb, Fred Salvati, Rev. H. Sandrock, W.W. Shine & A.R. Van Loon.

At the meeting of the board of directors, July 25, 1949, election of officers was held as follows: President, T.E. McNamara; Vice-President, Mrs. E.F Plumb; Secretary, J.J. Carey; and Treasurer, Saidie Murray.

Also, on July 25, 1949 the newly elected officers were authorized to take the necessary action to incorporate the Streator Community Chest.  G.E. Whalen, managing secretary of the Civic Association was named assistant secretary and treasurer and general manager of the Community Chest.

Harold Maranda was named chairman of the the first Community Chest campaign on August 15, 1949,

The Budget committee was formed to consider the requests of the following agencies:  Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Salvation Army, Visiting Nurse Association, YMCA & YWCA to participate in the 1949 campaign.  The Committee consisted of Fred Bromage, Chairman, J.J. Mohan, John Ferris, Walter Westwood, R.A. Powers, Mrs. Lyle Jones and Mrs. I. Barrett.

Campaign headquarters were opened, September 16, 1949 in the Union National Bank Building.

Many meetings, an average of twice a week for several weeks, of men and women interested in the welfare of the community, laid the ground work for the first combined drive held October 9-19, 1949.  With much hard work and good support , a total of $39,729.93 was pledged.

The following year, though much time and hard work went into the 1950 campaign, the goal was not reached.  This followed a countrywide experience pattern of the initial drive being very successful, then a drop back.  Each successive year, although the goal was not always attained, showed an increase in the funds raised to assure our city and the services and activities of the participating agencies, so valuable to the progress and well being of our community.

Our Timeline

1951 USO was added (assisted in providing a home away from home for our
young men and women in service.)


Red Cross and Catholic Social Service were added.


Streator Unlimited was added.


Streator Child Development Center and LaSalle County Youth Service
Bureau were added.


USO dropped as an agency.


LaSalle County Council for Alcohol & Drug Abuse was added, their name
is now North Central Behavioral Systems.


Against Domestic Violence was added, their name is now Against Domestic
Violence & Sexual Assault Service.


Special Olympics Starved Rock Area was added.

Managers & Executive Directors

1949-1949    G. E. Whalen          Secretary & General Manager
1950-1958    Irene Knight           Administrative Assistant
1959-1965    Marjorie Jaggers    Executive Director
1966-2013    Betty Di Gusto        Executive Director
2013-2019    Margaret Hogan     Executive Director
2020-present  Elizabeth Palm    Executive Director

United Way Previous Office Locations

Union National Bank
Streator National Bank
124 S. Monroe Street
122 N. Bloomington St.
Same address but across to the other building

United Way Name Changes

Community Chest
Streatorland United Fund, Inc.
United Way of Streatorland, Inc.
Streator Area United Way, Inc.